Sculptra (Collagen Injection)

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Sculptra (Collagen Injection)

Sculptra is a facial treatment that gives you deep tissue regeneration to help reduce the signs of ageing in your face. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, Sculptra works to replace lost collagen and replenish volume in your face more subtly over time, giving you a more natural looking appearance.

This is a very important concept and one that explains why a facelift may be the wrong thing to do or only part of what to do if you want to look younger! A young face has fullness and roundness in the cheeks, under the eyes, in the lips and around the mouth. This fullness causes light to reflect with very little shadow.

An older face will show a loss of the fullness of the cheeks, temples, the lips and area around the mouth and will show fat loss under the eyes which creates a hollow effect. Where there used to be light, now there are shadows. By replacing the volume loss, you reverse the creation of shadow and restore the reflection of light and the appearance of youth, energy and vibrancy.

This volume replacement fills the skin so that it is lifted; not surgically with scalpel and sutures, but lifted by the formation of your body’s own collagen – collagen that was created in surrounding the microscopic particles that makeup Sculptra. A facelift will remove excess skin, and to some degree, this will lessen the shadow effect, but a facelift will not restore volume. And volume is what makes you look young.

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