Nose Reshaping

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Nose Re-Shaping

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery or nose job) is one of the most desired cosmetic procedures, but many clients are frightened by the potential complications and the risk of unfavourable cosmetic results. Nose reshaping (non-surgical Rhinoplasty) is a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional Rhinoplasty. Sometimes it is called the 15-minute nose job as the treatment involves only Dermal filler injection to reshape the nose.

This is an excellent, affordable option for people who want to change the shape of their noses but do not want surgery. Results are instant, there is no downtime, no general anaesthetic and no prolonged healing.
Nose shaping using fillers is a 15-minute procedure and you can get results instantly – and they can be even better than those with the surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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